Last Updated: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

1 Dead, 3 Raped At Roskilde Festival
Updated: Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Roskilde Festival campgrounds. Photo: CMS c 2001

A 20-year-old male festivalgoer died on the Roskilde Festival (July 1-4) campgrounds from undisclosed causes on Saturday. The victim, a citizen of Sweden, is the first death at Denmark’s largest annual outdoor rock festival since 2000, when 9 people were crushed to death during a set by Pearl Jam.

Meanwhile, Roskilde Festival organizers also reported that three separate rapes occurred during the festival. The ages of the victims and their nationalities were not released. The rapists have not been apprehended. Police are investigating the crimes.

Roskilde Festival organizers report that according to public safety officials, reported crimes and incidents were down from last year. Undoubtedly, the heavy rains that fell during the festival---along with event safety measures---helped account for this decrease.

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